Terrarack Pipette Tip Rack

Terrarack Pipette Tip Rack
Terrarack Pipette Tip Rack
Product Description


Less Weight, Less Waste, 100% Recyclable

TerraRack is a revolutionary new concept in tip racks. Sturdy as conventional racks, yet made with less than half the plastic and completely recyclable. In fact, the hinged TerraRack shell is made from PETE, which is easily recycled and in high demand.

Single-use and non-refillable, TerraRacks can be used independently or with a reusable TerraBase for added support and stability.

For complete convenience and cleanliness, all TerraRacks are pre-sterilized, eliminating the need to autoclave (TerraRacks are not autoclavable).



  • Terrarack Pipette Tip Rack is very safe to use
  • Highly strong as well as traditional to use
  • Ground breaking innovative tip rack 
  • Fully recyclable hence highly biodegradable
  • Single use and non-refillable
  • Increases support and stability
  • Pre-sterilized for complete convenience and cleanliness
  • This rack is incredibly compressible 



1. A Terrarack pipette tip rack is what, exactly?

Ans - To store and arrange pipette tips of various sizes, use a Terrarack pipette tip rack. The rack, which is made of sturdy plastic, includes channels and slots for storing up to 48 tips for secure access.

2. What advantages do Terrarack pipette tip racks offer?

Ans - A Terrarack pipette tip rack has many advantages, including time and effort savings by keeping all of your tips in one location, dust and debris protection, and potential contamination prevention from open tips.

3. How should a Terrarack pipette tip rack be cleaned?

Ans - Regular cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent, followed by a rinse and drying before use, is recommended for Terrarack pipette tip racks.

4. Which pipette tip types work with the Terrarack pipette tip rack?

Ans - The majority of commonly used pipette tip sizes, including the 10 mL, 100 mL, 200 mL, and 1000 mL tips, are compatible with the Terrarack pipette tip rack.

5. Should I take any special safety measures before using a Terrarack pipette tip rack?

Ans - In order to prevent tipping or overturning, it is crucial to make sure that all pipette tips are firmly inserted into the rack before usage and that the rack is properly fastened to the lab bench. When handling pipette tips, it's also crucial to wear the proper lab attire, which should include safety glasses and gloves.





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