Spectrophotometer UV5

Spectrophotometer UV5
Spectrophotometer UV5
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The UV5 spectrophotometer is a type of ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer commonly used in analytical chemistry and biochemistry applications. It is a compact, easy-to-use instrument that measures the absorbance of light by a sample at various wavelengths in the UV and visible regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The UV5 spectrophotometer is capable of measuring absorbance, transmittance, and concentration of samples in a variety of formats, including cuvettes, microplates, and disposable UV transparent plastic cuvettes. It has a spectral range of 190-1100 nm, allowing for analysis of a wide range of compounds and biomolecules, including nucleic acids, proteins, and small molecules.

The instrument typically consists of a light source, monochromator, sample compartment, and detector. The light source produces a beam of light, which is focused and dispersed by the monochromator into individual wavelengths. The sample is placed in the sample compartment, and the detector measures the amount of light that passes through the sample at each wavelength. The output from the UV5 spectrophotometer is typically displayed as a spectrum, which shows the absorbance or transmittance of the sample at each wavelength. This data can be used to determine the concentration of a sample or to identify and quantify specific components within a mixture.

The UV5 spectrophotometer is widely used in a variety of research fields, including biochemistry, molecular biology, environmental science, and pharmaceuticals.


1. What is the wavelength range of Spectrophotometer UV5?

Answer: Spectrophotometer UV5 has a wavelength range of 200 to 1000 nm.

2. What type of samples can Spectrophotometer UV5 measure?

Answer: Spectrophotometer UV5 can measure both solid and liquid samples.

3. How accurate is Spectrophotometer UV5?

Answer: Spectrophotometer UV5 is capable of providing results with a high degree of accuracy, with an error of less than 1%.

4. What type of accessories are included with Spectrophotometer UV5?

Answer: Accessories included with Spectrophotometer UV5 include a cuvette holder, power cord, and a data cable.


Wavelength Range (nm)

190 nm - 1,100 nm

Photometric accuracy (K2Cr2O7)

+0.005 A

Wavelength accuracy

+0.9 nm

Resolution (Toluene in hexane)


Stray light (KCl, 198nm)



Cuvette Changer; Fingerprint Reader; Cuvettes; Fill Pal Mini; Printer; LabX PC Software; CertiRef; Barcode Reader

Shortcuts per user


Max. number of methods


Pharmacopeia compliant


Kinetic Measurements


User Identification


Micro-volume measurements


Bio applications



English; Italian; French; Russian; Portuguese; Chinese; German; Spanish; Japanese

Minimal Scan time

1 s


7 inch QVGA Color TFT touch sensitive screen

Displayed Resolution


Dimensions (HxWxD)

8.98 in x 8.19 in x 10.04 in (228 mm x 208 mm x 255 mm)

Weight (incl. Terminal)

6.4 kg

Material Number(s)


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