Sodium Analyzer

Sodium Analyzer
Sodium Analyzer
Product Description

Sodium Analyzer :-

Reduce sample preparation using safe and cheap chemicals while specifically and exclusively measuring sodium ions. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published data showing that blood pressure is the number one health-risk factor in Europe and food producers are forced to declare or even reduce the standardly used salt (sodium chloride) content in foods. 

This Sodium Analyzer has been specifically designed to simplify the determination of sodium in food products using the standard addition technique. Simply add a sample and ionic strength adjustment (ISA) solution and start the measurement. That is it! No system calibration is necessary. Sodium analysis has never been so quick and easy. Save operator time and increase productivity with fast sample measurements. 


1. What is a sodium analyzer?

Ans - A sodium analyzer is a device used to measure the amount of sodium in a substance. It is typically used in laboratories and industrial settings to test the quality of products, such as food and beverages, or to measure concentrations of sodium in water.

2. What types of substances can be tested with a sodium analyzer?

Ans - A sodium analyzer can be used to test a variety of substances, including food, beverages, and water.

3. How does a sodium analyzer work?

Ans - A sodium analyzer works by measuring the electrical conductivity of a sample. The amount of sodium present in the sample is determined by measuring the change in electrical conductivity caused by the presence of sodium ions.

4. What are the benefits of using a sodium analyzer?

Ans - The benefits of using a sodium analyzer include faster and more accurate testing of samples, as well as greater consistency in the results. It can also help reduce the time and cost associated with traditional testing methods.

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