Portable Density Meter

Portable Density Meter
Portable Density Meter
Product Description

Portable Density Meter :-

Sampling can be difficult with samples of very high viscosity or samples that degas easily. In cases like this, Densito lets you connect an external syringe. 



1. A portable density metre is what, exactly?

Ans - The density of a substance, usually in the form of a liquid or a powder, can be determined using a portable density metre. It is frequently used in laboratories, industrial settings, and other locations where exact measurements are required since it is portable, or can be moved from one place to another.

2. What advantages do portable density metres offer?

Ans - A portable density metre can be useful for a number of reasons, including:


  • Reliable density measurements that are accurate.
  • The capacity to measure density at various stages of a process
  • The capacity to measure density in remote areas
  • The capacity to monitor density in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Simple and quick setup


3. What kinds of substances can a portable density metre measure?

Ans - Numerous materials, including liquids, powders, and others with low or high densities, can be measured using a portable density metre.

4. How accurate is a handheld density metre?

Ans - The kind of metre used and the instrument's calibration will determine how accurate a portable density metre is. The accuracy of portable density metres is typically +/- 0.1%.

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