PH ,Conductivity, DO, Ion Density & RI Measurement

  1. pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Ion Measurement

    From basic handhelds to flexible multi-channel meters, METTLER TOLEDO offers a full spectrum of premium quality pH, conductivity, DO and ion meters. The top-of-the-line Seven Excellence meter, for example, provides great flexibility through its modular design: Depending on the module attached, various parameters such as pH, conductivity, ION, Redox etc. can be measured at the same time.

    Density & Refractive Index

    The days of manual determinations with pycnometers, hydrometers and optical Abbe refractometers are a thing of the past. Our digital instruments determine the refractive index and density simply, accurately, and even simultaneously in a multi-parameter system. A wide range of applications is available, including Brix, HFCS, alcohol content, Oechsle, Plato, API gravity and many other concentrations.
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  2. pH/mV Portable Ion Meter

    pH/mV Portable Ion Meter

    Delivery Time: 2-5 Days
    Application: Ion Level Measuring
    Material: Plastic
    Usage: Measuring Tools
    Product Type: Testing Equipment
  3. Benchtop Density Meters

    Benchtop Density Meters

    Delivery Time: 2-7 Days
    Application: Laboratory
    Power Supply: AC
    Product Type: Measurement Instrument
    Usage: Measuring Tools
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